Correct spelling for Foreign English students can sometimes cause stress. Unfortunately, English is not a phonetic language – we don’t always pronounce the words as we spell them.

Misspelled words

Once we start to master speaking English, we want to focus on grammar and spelling, especially if our job depends on it. Spelling is important for three main reasons. Firstly, it’s an important part of effective communication. Effective communication in the workplace is essential for emails, business letters, memos, reports, etc. Secondly, spelling helps with literacy and vocabulary. It actually helps with your reading and writing. It builds your confidence. Lastly, it can help you with your career advancement. Your first impression is usually online when you apply for a job. Ensuring that your spelling and grammar on your resume and application letter is 100%, will get you that much closer to realizing your dream job.

10. Accomodate?

A word that turns up in business communications, so you want to make sure you get it right. Two c‘s and two m‘s.

Correct spelling: accommodate

9. Wich?

This is a word that native speakers have learned by heart but may trip up a non-native speaker. Not to be confused with witch ( noun a woman thought to have magic powers )

Correct spelling: which

8. Recieve?

Native speakers were taught from elementary school “i before e, except after c“.  This is one of the c‘s in question.

Correct spelling: receive

7. Untill?

In the Middle Ages, this was actually the original spelling. Due to the advancement of human history, the word only has one “l” these days. You can also use the abbreviation ’til if you’re feeling bold as it’s still grammatically correct.

Correct spelling: until

6. Occured

Similar to the word accommodate, there are also double consonants in this one. It might also occur to you that there’s only one ‘r’ in the word when it’s in the present tense, which makes it extra confusing. Welcome to English.

Correct spelling: occurred

5. Seperate

You want to ensure that you get this right in business settings, such as when telling your team to “send separate emails” to different clients.

Correct spelling: separate

4. Goverment?

An easy way to remember this one: You need to govern in order to have a government. Don’t forget about that n in there.

Correct spelling: government

3. Definately?

This is definitely one you want to get right. How to remember: “I want to get it right”. There’s an in the middle there, not an a.

Correct spelling: definitely

2. Pharoah

This may not come up at work (unless you have a client who is into Egyptology or the computer game), but it’s still good to know. And if you want to order a Halloween costume.

Correct spelling: pharaoh

1. Publically

Whether you use this word privately or publicly, this is one of those words you want to make sure is correct.

Correct spelling: publicly

There are so many more words that could be misspelled. The one that I still have to think about is ‘stationery/stationary’: Stationary means “fixed,” “immobile,” or “unchanging.” Stationery refers to paper, matching envelopes, and writing implements.

What are some of your misspellings? Comment down below.

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