Hi. My name is Barbara and I am a qualified ESL tutor. I have a passion for helping children and adults master English. I am a results-driven but fair teacher.
The lessons are suited to the individual’s level and can include online videos, and written or oral homework.
I am here to make studying English as a foreign language as stimulating as possible.

I help committed students excel at English and improve their grades by learning to love English and become effective communicators. I realised that young students were under a lot of pressure to excel in English. They were frustrated and were not enjoying learning English.

I’m happy to connect with you and I hope you get the full benefit of my community on Facebook and LinkedIn

I also have a BSc degree in Holistic nutrition and work as a Nutrition Coach.

I am excited to have the opportunity to help you on this exciting adventure. Together we can do anything and I look forward to meeting you soon!