Knowing how to pronounce regular verbs in the simple past tense can be tricky. Read to find out the three tips to help you.
Tools for learning English
Learning another language can be complicated. But with the right tools and a patient tutor, it will become less frustrating.
English has some pretty weird words when it comes to spelling…YACHT is a perfect example. Many […]
Many children and people learning English as a second language often don't think of using poetry as a learning tool.
English has three basic tenses: Past, Present and Future. The tense of the sentence tells us when the action took place.
When to use GOOD/WELL when answering a question.
Speak English with Confidence
The biggest problem with learning any language is a lack of confidence. It can stop learning […]
word stress
When you are learning and practicing a new language, it can be stressful at times. Pronunciations, […]
Correct spelling for Foreign English students can sometimes cause stress.